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Weird Wally (105 x 80 CM)

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‘Weird Wally’

105 x 80 CM

Acrylic paint, spray paint, effects spray, paint pens on strechted canvas.

Signed back and front by artist Mark Slowey 

Unframed with blacked canvas edges 

Wally has a snake for an arm, a turt on the head and mismatching shoes. Wally clearly has some things going on in life and doesn’t need to be judged as a weirdo by you or anyone ells.
Its easy to throw judgments and make assumptions on
appearance and behaviour because they are different from you but until we walk in another’s shoes do we really know anything about them?
Wolly gets on with life and keeps marching on. Let wally be weird, be more like wally.



the copyright text has been digitally edited onto the image and is not shown on the original artwork or limited edition prints. The text has been placed on the image to protect the artists ownership rights.