The Artist,
Mr. Mark Slowey
All of my doodle illustrations initially come to life on scraps of paper, backs of food menus, napkins, note books and sketch pads - really, anything to hand. The vehicle for their creation is whatever is within reach - usually a ballpoint pen, pencil or sometimes the extravagance of a marker pen, and always hopeful of multiple different colours. 
They have been stored for years in various places like some weird squirrels hoard, inexplicably precious to myself alone, Or so my doubting mind has always led me to believe. 

They've congregated en mass in drawers and boxes, sheds and garages - a lot have suffered from water damage; which is why some have been randomly cut for display, as no one likes dog ears.. Do they? 
The doodles always manifest randomly, yet always in this style - I've made them for as long as I remember.. Always doodling. Never really knowing which direction the scribbles will take, which form will appear, what character or animal. 
Some sort of unconscious unscrambling of my oddly dyslexic, awkward dyspraxic self. Whilst pondering lifes ifs' and buts, failures, successes, dreams and nightmares, in times of stress, boredom, sadness and joy... And always doodling whilst on the phone to a client as I forged a tedious 'meaningful' career in sales. 
It's my little creative obsession and I love the shapes and images which come from it. They by no means define me but I recognise they are a part of me.. It is the thing I do. It stabilises my mind and more often than not helps to make me smile. 

I have always had an interest in art.. Though never any formal training. 
I've helped and organised numerous large art exhibitions for others and in aid of charities close to my heart.. Yet never entertained the idea of myself as a serious 'Artist'... I'm always too busy doodling away in the background. 
It was the pandemic and lockdowns that probably made me reevaluate, reassess and progress my own little works.. Push it to the forefront of my mind, realise and progress My own work... compulsion, obsession... My Art.
The pandemic seemed highlight even more vividly my own reason for my compulsive production of doodles and artwork.. From the fear of a new virus, wars, political and corporate corruption, mental and physical illness, global warning, poverty, hate, and racism... It just feels like a constant attack on the psyche and soul, all a bit too much. With my artwork being my own little antidote and escape. A little bit of escape and no worries fun where the mind is free to wander. 
The larger works, and those on canvas represent this progression of my 'artistic' endeavours. 
The little Biro and pencil doodles have been translated and become larger, bolder more colourful and intriguing pieces. 
Using spray paints, marker pens, acrylics paint, oil paint, watercolor paint, canvas (stretched and un-stretched) paper, and a plethora of other materials. The colours are often as random as the original doodles.. Yet always bright. 
Backgrounds are hinted at to sometimes give a little more context to the main protagonist or an illusion of space and the black biro and pencil lines of doodles become outlines and dividing lines of colour and form even more intricate than the doodles themselves, made now in thick marker pen or black acrylic paint.
And I still think the sole objective is simply to stand back and smile. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, 
thanks for looking at my artwork.. 
Let your mind wander freely 
I hope you enjoy. 

                               artist mark slowey, painting, large painting of rose