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Say Cheeese (80 x 105 CM)

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‘Say Cheeese’

105 x 80 CM

Acrylic paint, spray paint, effects spray, paint pens on canvas.

Signed back and front by artist Mark Slowey. 

Unframed with blacked canvas edges 

The lockdowns changed a lot of our lives and led to most of us picking up bad habits and giving into temptation a little too much. Although the lockdowns stopped in early 2021 I
continued to drink a little much alcohol daily, eat bad food, not work out and generally not look after myself that well which led to my mind and confidence slipping.
Towards the end of the year as I turned 30 I was having a conversation with my loving father about the future, finding a women / wife and so on and he passed on some very valuable advice,
He looked me up and down and said

“Mark, your never going to catch a tiger with cheese are you.....”

This comment was the right thing that I needed to hear.
After I recovered from the shell shock of his words I stopped drinking too much, got back in the gym and have been looking after myself more. His life advice also inspired a painting

(you can’t catch a tiger with cheese) which was sold to the Wild Years Gallery earlier in the year and is currently on display in Moraira, Spain along with a few of my other works. I am also turning the story / fable into a children’s book.

‘Say Cheeese’ is the end of the story with the cheese finding a mouse who loves him for cheese boy / babybell bitch that he is ( Nicknames given to me by my friends after I stupidly told them
the story) and was my Submission for Greyson Perrys Art club TV program on Chanel 4 with the theme of was rejected.
Turns out Greyson Perry is Lactose Intolerant.




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