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It’s a Sheep (20 x 16 inch)

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‘It’s a sheep’

40 x 50 CM

Acrylic paint, spray paint, effects spray, paint pens on canvas.

Signed back and front by artist Mark Slowey 

Unframed with blacked canvas edges 

It’s a sheep. simple init.
When deciding on what the theme of this exhibition was going to be I wanted to do something different. I attend a lot of art exhibitions and gallery openings to find a lot of artworks about
current issues and world problems, none of which ever pose a solution and seems to be lot of bitching, moaning and throwing around empty opinions. If your sad about your flat mate thinking he’s a teapot and you think war is not very nice what are you doing to help the lives of the people suffering these issues? Apart from shitting in your hand and clapping in front of a canvas to make abstract “art” which just annoys people even more (in my opinion).
My hope is that these artworks give you some cheer and a much-needed uplift for your spirits in what seems to be a very dark world.
Be a happy sheep, the world needs to see your smile.



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