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Bird Brains (105 x 80 CM)

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‘Bird Brains’

105 x 80 CM

Acrylic paint, spray paint, effects spray, paint pens on canvas.

Signed back and front by artist Mark Slowey 

Unframed with blacked canvas edges 

Dopey as Fuck, Bird Brains is from a species of bird called fuzzle-puffs which unusually are born extremely intelligent and as youngsters can solve complex problems and challenges. This however does not last long as they grow due to having very rubbery necks which shake the head when they run and move
around resulting in the brain bouncing around the skull and damaging brain cells. They have also been seen to smash they’re heads into watering holes with extreme force which could also be a reason for the brain damage.



the copyright text has been digitally edited onto the image and is not shown on the original artwork or limited edition prints. The text has been placed on the image to protect the artists ownership rights.