Portobello Art Show

The Portobello Pub Show

Art exhibition open for all at The Duke Of Wellington Portobello Road.

August - September 2024

Join us this summer 2024 at The Duke Of Wellington on Portobello road!

Nestled in the trendy London district of Notting Hill, Portobello Road is home to one London's (and the world's) most iconic and famous markets. Today buzzing with pubs, restaurants and a diverse range of communities. portobello road see’s around 100,000 - 150,000 tourists and visitors on a Saturday alone!

This amazing pub bang in the centre of portobello road see visors from 11am - 11pm and is open to the public all year round and has given us the peacock room on the second floor of thefor an entire month!!!! The exhibition hosted and curated by local artist Mark Slowey is open to all ages and styles of artists and we aim to fit around 20-40 artists and as many artworks as possible.

Get involved and submit your artworks today!

Open call to artists of all ages.

  • The open call for artist  will close 1st July at 11.59pm

  • The are no age restrictions for artists.

  • Artists can be located anywhere in the UK however artworks must be delivered and collected in person by the artist on the specific dates (unless otherwise agreed)

Exhibiton dates 2024

July 31st - artwork delivery and set up.

August 1st - 31st - open exhibition

August 1st 6pm-9pm - Private veiw

September 2nd - Final day of exhibition

September 3rd - Unsold artwork Collection.

There is no theme for the exhibition, artworks can be based around any subject. Please be mindful that the pub is open to children and under 18s pre 9pm so no vulgar or explicit artworks.


  • There is a small fee of £10 per single artwork submission, 15 for 2 artworks and 20 for 3 artworks to help cover some costs. Artworks Submission fees are non refundable

  • 0% commission will be taken on artwork sales. 100% of the sale will go to the artist.

  • Artwork sales to be paid out to the artist within / a maximum of 4 weeks of the exhibition close dates.

Artwork sizes, display and mediums

  • Artworks can be a maximum of 60cm at its longest side.

  • All artworks must have a mirror plate hanging system attached to the back so as to protect the artworks and pub customers. (An example image of mirror plates is at the bottom of the page)

  • Unframed canvas’s are fine as long as they have the correct mirror plate hanging system.

  • Paper artworks must be framed with a mirror plate hanging system.

  • Artworks can be of any medium ranging from acrylic paint, oil paint, water colour paint, graphite, charcoal, pencil, pen, spray paint (any other material used for 2d wall hanging artworks) and photography.

  • Poetry, film, performance art and sculptures are not being accepted for this exhibition due to venue restrictions.

Artwork acceptance and submission success.

  • Artworks will be looked over and judged for acceptance by artist and curator  Mark slowey, the Duke of Wellingtons  General Manager and Deputy Manager.

We aim to be as inclusive as possible and give all artists a fair shot in displaying the artworks in the pub and will take into account the location of the pub, the local culture and the individual artworks. Artists will not be judged on  art career’s, CV’s or level of experience. The artworks speak for themselfs!!!

  • artists will be notified if they have been accepted or not on the 3rd of July via email with more details and instructions about the exhibition.

Artwork submission instructions.

Please decide  how many artworks you would like to submit and follow the details for purchase at the bottom of the page.

Then copy and paste the below form and email your submission to pubartshow@yahoo.com

Artist submission forms that do not have the submission order number  code will not be accepted. (The code will be your order number, for example #1356)

Artwork submission form


Submission purchase code:

Full Name:

Email Adress:

Phone number:

Artist location:

(where you are based)

Artist website if you have:

Artist social media:

Artwork 1 details.

Artwork title:

Artwork size:

Artwork medium:

Short artwork description:


Artwork 2 details.

Artwork title:

Artwork size:

Artwork medium:

Short artwork description:


Artwork 3 details.

Artwork title:

Artwork size:

Artwork medium:

Short artwork description:

Submission emails to


We look forward to seeing your amazing creations and coming together as a community to support and enjoy the arts!

For any further questions please email to pubartshow@yahoo.com



(mirror Plate example)